New Years Weight Gain

So the last time I weighed myself was December 5th and I had lost some lbs after a gain and was back down to 225 lbs. But as Christmas got closer and I was baking more and eating more I could feel things getting tighter.

The giant wartime Christmas cake I made, you know the one with mock marzipan and icing and the large eggless Christmas pudding… I ate them both, all by myself in 10 days. Add to that a bottle of sherry, wine and some spirits, ration shortbread and fudge and large quantities of just about everything, I wasn’t surprised to feel that old friend return by the end of December, back ache. I KNEW the weight gain had to be significant, I felt so bloated…

Facing the scales just after New Years, I wasn’t surprised to see a weight gain of 19 lbs… my weight was back up to 244 lbs. Yes I let out a wail and shed a few tears but this was really just the shock. It’s OK, I’m not about to let this get the better of me. I have a job to finish and I feel like crap eating all that extra food. It was definitely sugar overload…

So I’m going to make Friday mornings my regular weigh in date and can’t wait to be hitting the track again..

199 lbs here we come!!

Good luck everyone in your own weight loss resolutions!

C xxxxx

17 thoughts on “New Years Weight Gain

  1. I would give the cider Loaf I recipe I sent a miss until you are back on track. I know it is fat free, but not calorie free. You will soon be back. Everyone over indulges at this time of year. Good luck.

      • Hi Carolyn,
        I would, then, half the amounts (at least). These amounts supplied enough Potato cakes for 13 people (a couple each at least)!!
        I just re-read it. It should of read 3lb Potato, not 3oz Potato! Hope I am not too late correcting this for you lunch!

      • I used 1/4 of the amounts as I had leftover mash from yesterday and yes I adjusted the recipe. They were delicious!!!! I will post your recipe and the photo tonight!!! 🙂

    • Hi- no I’m not diabetic but a lot of this will be water retention so hopefully this first week will see several lbs of water and fat shed 🙂 It was my own fault- I ate a huge amount of refined carbs/sugar.. (and that’s not something I do following wartime rations) I’ll be checking out the Ketonic diet as I’m curious! Thanks xx

      • Am reading a good book that relates to the Ketogenic Diet. It’s called “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes. It’s not a diet book, just the science behind the benefits of eating protein, fat, veg and very few carbs while eschewing refined carbs and sugar all together. It could put a crimp in your vegan lifestyle, but the results are the best I’ve ever had so far. Best of luck in the new year!

  2. Another year to start afresh. Dont get bogged down on blaming yourself, just get stuck in to the new year resolution. Good luck.

  3. Best wishes, I know exactly how you feel, and so do most of the people I know! Christmas is lethal for diet, but we can turn the corner! Go for it and celebrate your successes!

  4. Best wishes for a happy, healthy start to the new year! And as has already been expressed above, be kind to yourself. The weight loss journey is one with lots of starts/stops/falls/detours. The key is to get to the point where we treat each new meal and new day as an opportunity to make better choices. Now that the holidays are over for another year, we can all get back on track!

  5. So that happened. And you are moving on. Whether it is a new year, a new day or a new hour – you are not ‘starting all over again’ – just treat yourself well right now. I wouldn’t have run a 10k this year for the first time ever without your inspiration and while I may have backslid over Christmas, there will be another 10k in 2013.

  6. I know the feeling. Was so distressed to see I had gained over the last year, in spite of going from vegetarian to vegan. The truth is that I had to also go to less processed food, like what you talk about on the Ration Diet. I am right here with you, and love the fact that it is January, and another opportunity to change for the better. Go for it.

  7. All the best in 2013, Carolyn.Thank you for sharing your anguish with us, and remember we all know what that is like. I admire your resolve in getting right back to the ration meal plans that you have been following so faithfully. I am SO loving reading your blog and your recipes. Happy New Year.

  8. Similar thing happened here, with a Slimmers World Christmas cake. It was fat free and also gluten free but I still put on seven pounds. I also ask for a Christmas pudding and one or two mince pies to be considered! It’s a shame, but I’ve lost of half of the weight gain. However, the main factor in gaining it turns out to be the lack of exercise over the holiday. We were just too busy to fit it in but now I’m back to my normal routine it’ll all be ok again soon. You too.

  9. As always, thanks for being so honest with us, your readers! You have no idea how encouraging that honesty is! I also like what Ang said about ‘not starting all over again’ but just carrying on with your plan. As my new (Christmas gift) coffee mug says: “Keep calm and carry on”, and that is what I shall do with my healthy lifestyle plan.
    Cheers to the New Year!

  10. Crazy Carolyn, you are no where near starting again, you are so so many pounds ahead of where you once started!!! but I can empathise with the depresssion of weight gain. I have stacked on 18kg in the last few months for various reasons.
    But checking in on here has put me on the straight and narrow for a week now and already feeling better 🙂 Great to see so many supportive comments from people on here, rather than the guilt trips that you often get elsewhere.
    I seriously hope that once you complete the 100 recipes you’ll feel the want to keep going past that. Perhaps a readers corner for recipe posting with photo’s etc… if that isn’t a cost burden for you?

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