Homemade Christmas decorations- tree stars


A  few readers asked how I made some really simple but pretty “tree stars”..

Our Christmas this year, is as always frugal, but also has more of an emphasis on homemade, so we are enjoying trying some money saving ideas out and decorating our place festively, making do with what we’ve got.

For full step by step instructions click here 


Last week, I noticed a link on a friends Facebook page, to an article on how-to make homemade paper stars. Initially looking at the design it seemed like it would be terribly fiddly and complicated but I gave it a go. The  first one was a little fiddly but the second and third were quick and easy and looked delightful once I had hung them up on our Christmas tree .

I made mine from standard white printer paper as I thought they would look nice against the green of the tree but you could make them from old Christmas cards or colourful paper.

For full step by step instructions click here 

2 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas decorations- tree stars

  1. I will definitely be making some of your stars. They are beautiful. I have also forwarded the link to friends and family and have already heard from 3 who will be doing some of the decorations and gifts with their kids. Thank you.

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    Here is a lovely way to make pretty tree stars out of old Christmas cards . I think in wartime Britain during the 1940s people would have made lots of homemade decorations out of card or paper! – C xxxx

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