CBC article – Christmas shopping challenges

The blog didn’t get a mention but a picture of my tree star did!

CBC published a nice article this morning on some Christmas shopping challenges and they interviewed me about my frugal Christmases, as this subject is a passion of mine was only too happy to oblige.

In addition to my $250 Christmas, CBC also list 4 other challenges such as a Christmas with a purpose, a made in Canada Christmas, a buy nothing Christmas, and finally a green Christmas


Here’s to a home-made and happy Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “CBC article – Christmas shopping challenges

  1. Good article! We have always been modest when it comes to Christmas, and it is so nice to see it becoming a trend. Maybe soon, modesty will be a way of life for more people, instead of just a tread people follow and forget about after a few months…

  2. That was a very interesting article. I think you were the most practical and plausible although the Green Christmas was close. Setting a small budget and being inventive means you can still have a great Christmas and not feel deprived.

    Years ago before credit became so rampant people used to belong to Christmas clubs – every payday they would put a certain amount into the bank (or you could do this with your church or club) and this would be combined with other depositors to earn more interest. In November /December you withdrew your money plus an equal share of the interest earned. No debts for Christmas.

    We have always had simple Christmas celebrations and as soon as we were married I started putting aside money every month. Now we are up to $10 a month for Christmas food, $10 a month for charity and $10 a month for gifts. That is $360 a year so about a dollar a day. Not hard at all to have a great Christmas.

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