Weigh in- December 5, 2012

28742_10151160547327361_2059864502_nThis week, I’m happy to have lost 4 lbs. This takes my weight back down to 225 lbs and I’m going to try hard and drop another 6 lbs by Christmas Day. The girls recently took some photos of me non-posed (posing for photos you can knock 20 lbs off easy!) and didn’t like what I saw at all. It brought home the reality that I still have quite away to go in this journey but I’m in for the long haul…

My son Josh has come to stay until the New Year, it’s great to have him home. He’ll return to his Dad’s (David) and Deborah’s home in January. Meanwhile I’m REALLY looking forward to having all my kids with me over Christmas. We have a strong bond and I love them all very much and as long as we are together we can face anything.

Must fly! Lots of chores to do and I’m still working on important paperwork!

C xxxx

4 thoughts on “Weigh in- December 5, 2012

  1. What a great photo, Carolyn. Well done on the weight loss, I love to hear of your successes, I’m sure you’ll soon chase the other pounds away. Good luck with the paper work too, that would be a lovely Christmas present wouldn’t it. x

  2. Well done – great job – knew you would do it – your success is in going on the journey and not just in arriving!!! Great photgraph too.

  3. Four pounds in a week still seems amazing to me, Carolyn! I just had my final weigh and measure at the end of the six-week Inch Loss Plan that I’ve been following at the gym. I had only lost 7 pounds, but they tell me that I will have built up lots of heavy muscle because of the gym sessions. The measurements told me that I have indeed lost more fat than my weight would suggest – nine inches all over! I was really pleased with myself, and pleased with my new level of fitness too. I am going to stay on it till Christmas to get down to 178 pounds, and hopefully stabilise over the holiday period. I couldn’t bear to throw it all away after so much hard work. Keep going with it all yourself. You’ve achieved much much more than I have. You’re an inspiration.

  4. Wonderful to hear! As always, your success is my inspiration! Enjoy all the Christmas prep. and having your family around you.

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