Watch the Wartime Kitchen and Garden- Parts 1 & 2

I just found the “Wartime Kitchen and Garden” on YouTube! I remember watching this a long, long time ago and it is a FANTASTIC TV Series…

There are many things still going on in my life at the moment that I’m still not ready to speak about but NOW more than ever, mending and making do is a huge part of my life. These kind of TV programs really seem to help me and keep my chin up..

Hope you enjoy!

C xxxxxxxxx

3 thoughts on “Watch the Wartime Kitchen and Garden- Parts 1 & 2

  1. I remember these programmes too, Carolyn. We had just come back to the UK with very little money and the programmes were so helpful, she has such a gentle way with her, doesn’t she? Like being with your Granny! Good luck with your next weigh in, we’re all rooting for you, you know!!

    Chris x


  2. Thanks for the link – I’ve not seen those programmes so I’m looking forward to watching. I love your blog Carolyn. Your wartime diet is such a great idea….we try to eat healthy meals with lots of veg from our allotment.

    We are veggie and I will be trying out your mushroom gravy later in the week.

    Love Carole.


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