2 lbs on and the hanging shirt

I weighed in today and had put 2 lb on… Prior to that I had lost 2 lbs, lost 2 lbs, lost nothing, lost 4 lbs, lost 7 lbs and before that had plateaued for 3 weeks. Basically that is 13 lbs in 8 weeks (current weight 235lb..)

Things are slowing down but if I’m honest, I have been exercising less.

In two weeks time I take part in a big countrywide event here in Canada… “Relay for Life”. It is an event to honour and remember those who are fighting cancer and also to raise money to further cancer research. On June 1st a small team of work colleagues and I will walk, in a relay, throughout the night. It means a lot to me to be able to participate in this, having now lost 64 lbs, since Oct 1st, I can!

So although today I feel a little discouraged at the weight gain I am excited about the opportunities losing weight is giving me.

And today I am wearing my black shirt, the one I had my 255 lb photo taken in, and it is HANGING off me. I can remember how not so long ago I couldn’t wear it as it was tight and stretched!

Tomorrow I start training hard for “Relay for Life” and I am sure the scales will reflect this.

If you’d like to donate a few dollars- please click here to find out more

Thank you so much 🙂

C xxxxxxxx

5 thoughts on “2 lbs on and the hanging shirt

  1. Happy training………this week, 2 lbs. on; next week, more lbs. gone! Time to alter that blouse or give it away and buy a smaller one! Good work, Girl!

    On another note, a blog you may enjoy is “A Neurotic Glamour Girl’s Weight Watchers experience and fitness adventures”.

    Have a lovely long weekend!

  2. Hi Carolyn, those pounds just need a little push. You can do it.
    Can I ask a somewhat personal question? How tall are you? The reason I ask is at this point we’re the same weight. I’m 5’2″ and as wide as I am tall : \
    I keep wishing I were taller then my muffin tops wouldn’t look so weird.
    Good luck and hang in there.

  3. hi carolyn,

    looking forward to reading through your blogs – i am vegetarian (since i was 7) and really struggle to eat healthily – i am thinking a (veggie) wartime may be the answer to being healthy and shift a few pounds – you’ve done really well – hope i can co the same – thanks for the blog 🙂 x

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