Although I don't look like this in any shape or form when I kick box there is always hope....!!!

I’ve been quiet, I’ve been struggling in my mind coping with that feared word spoken-in-hushed-tones among those of us desperate to lose our extra weight..

For three weeks I’ve PLATEAUED.

How I detest that word, standing there in front of me with a smirk on his face and hands on his hips. I hate the word PLATEAU so much that I’ve started  “kick-boxing” at home using a video on Netflix and every venom filled punch and kick is aimed at PLATEAU’s sizeable scrotum. Oh yes… it has become a battle of wills and I am willing to fight to the death to annihilate my mortal enemy.

PLATEAU has known me for over 20 years and he always visits me, just when everything is going great.  He destroys my self confidence, he taunts me from the fridge, he tries to convince me the journey is too long and too difficult, he tells me I am weak and ugly. BUT you know what PLATEAU, I used to be very, very strong. There was a time when as soon as you appeared I would crush you… and I am learning to do that again.

It’s my lunch break now and guess what?  I’m out for a brisk walk in the sunshine followed by another healthy, vitamin filled lunch. You can keep your negativity, and you’re sabotaging ways and go take your own very long hike..

I CAN and I WILL become who I was again and you are NOT going to stop me.

C xxxxxx

16 thoughts on “PLATEAU

  1. You CAN do it! Think of plateau as just a stair step. At some point it has to go down again!
    Plus, you have come so far, and done so well- I have been very impressed with your results!

    • Yep- it definitely takes a lot of mental focus to not be disheartened by PLATEAU so visualizing what you have suggested sounds like a very practical way to think about it. Thank you xxxxxx

  2. Plateaus are par for the course, be strong, Carolyn, and keep your eyes on the prize. One thought though, the lighter you are, the less food you need, so you may need to cut down your intake a little bit to get through the dreaded plateau – I know I had to. I have to say, I am in awe of your determination and the energy you put into being more active. All the best! x

    • You are right Juliette… so far I’ve not really counted calories and just stuck to a very healthy diet eating quite a LOT of food! I will make some changes and reduce my daily intake a little and see what difference this makes in the coming week. Thank you for your encouragement all- I needed to vent and I’ve been here before many times and PLATEAU has destroyed me. This time I’ve fought him tooth and nail and my weight has stayed the same but I need to move it on and keep on losing…. xxxxx

    Your mind set is what it should be. Now you can go foward.
    Three cheers for you.
    we love and have your back.

  4. Go Carolyn, go Carolyn! Plateau does NOT stand a chance against you. You ARE strong! Not in the past tense, but right now, every day.

  5. Carolyn, you can do this! It might not be your caloric intake as much as your carb intake. Increase the beans and decrease the potato. Remember that for every gram of fiber you take in it decreases your carb total by that amount. so far its worked for me and I still have french fries and desserts when I am so inclined. I don’t know how it’ll work for you being vegan, but it might be worth a shot. <3

    • Wise words- I do eat a large potato everyday but also bread. Will cut the bread back and NOT have a potato everyday. People were told during the war to eat less bread and more potatoes so I’ll give that a go first 🙂 Well done you 🙂 xxxx

  6. Kick PLATEAU in the nuggets Carolyn!!! He gets me every time too. I’m currently slowing down in weight loss so I know he is coming soon. I’m an emotional person so I always get so frustrated and sad and my defeatist attitude takes over when I plateau. But THIS time, I know I can keep “Keep calm and carry on” 🙂 I mean seriously, if all those people could carry on during a war, I can certainly keep it together long enough to make the scale start moving again! And so can you 🙂

    • We’ll support each other Marina! YES- some of that fighting spirit is called for. Head up, chest out and boxing gloves on! PLATEAU is the enemy of all people who struggle to get healthy and lose weight. He WILL be defeated!! This week I’m going to blog everything I eat and every bit of exercise I do and come next Thursday when I jump on the scales I’d better see PLATEAU well and truly kicked in the “nuggets” as you so wonderfully put it!!!

      C xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Slow and steady wins the race. I’ve found that for me to lose weight and keep it off, I’ve had to take the long view. Weight loss and then maintenance is a long and winding journey with no real end. What helped me was get curious instead of vicious with myself and treat it as a a fun experiment. Remember that you are the same wonderful person regardless of the number on the scale.

  8. Caroline, you ARE strong! You have already knocked out Plateau by carrying on for the last 3 weeks……he has not been able to defeat you, and he cannot! So glad to have you back on the blog…….will be reading with great interest your day-to-day tracking.

  9. It’s great that you’re back and so determined !! Don’t let the Plateau get you down or stand in your way – it definitely doesn’t deserve to :-). I don’t know if this is psychosymatic or not, but I find that drinking the juice of a a lemon in a pint of warm water when getting up seems to kick-start my metabolism – it definitely wakes me up. I don’t know if lemons were widely available in the 1940’s but anythin’s worth a go. xxxx

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