Although I don't look like this in any shape or form when I kick box there is always hope....!!!

I’ve been quiet, I’ve been struggling in my mind coping with that feared word spoken-in-hushed-tones among those of us desperate to lose our extra weight..

For three weeks I’ve PLATEAUED.

How I detest that word, standing there in front of me with a smirk on his face and hands on his hips. I hate the word PLATEAU so much that I’ve started  “kick-boxing” at home using a video on Netflix and every venom filled punch and kick is aimed at PLATEAU’s sizeable scrotum. Oh yes… it has become a battle of wills and I am willing to fight to the death to annihilate my mortal enemy.

PLATEAU has known me for over 20 years and he always visits me, just when everything is going great.  He destroys my self confidence, he taunts me from the fridge, he tries to convince me the journey is too long and too difficult, he tells me I am weak and ugly. BUT you know what PLATEAU, I used to be very, very strong. There was a time when as soon as you appeared I would crush you… and I am learning to do that again.

It’s my lunch break now and guess what?  I’m out for a brisk walk in the sunshine followed by another healthy, vitamin filled lunch. You can keep your negativity, and you’re sabotaging ways and go take your own very long hike..

I CAN and I WILL become who I was again and you are NOT going to stop me.

C xxxxxx