Last chance to enter to win a replica ration book!

Just a quick reminder that you could win a replica WWII British Ration Book by leaving a comment on my blog here 3 names will be chosen at random on March 1, 2012

Hugs to all and thanks for leaving comments- I’ve read them all and am hoping to snuggle up and send some responses tonight

C xxxxxxxxxx


2 thoughts on “Last chance to enter to win a replica ration book!

  1. Oh that would be wonderful to win a ration book! I found your blog a long time ago and then lost the link. Only just found you again. I’m finding it really interested in how you are losing weight on a 1940s diet and I’m hoping to find the time to go back and read your blog from the beginning.

    How exciting that you’ve attracted the interest of a publishing house!! i wish you lots of luck … I’d buy your book!


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