2 lb off – oh so smug


Am feeling rather good today and yesterday was pretty awesome!  It’s all about thinking positively and beginning to like yourself a little more and being in control of your own destiny. I turned a psychological corner yesterday… that was a huge thing for me.

But that’s not why I’m typing. I’m typing because I am allowing myself to be smug for precisely 18 more minutes because I lost another 2 lb this week taking my total weightless since October 1st, on the 1940s Experiment to 49 lb… ALMOST halfway to my goal of losing 100 lb in a year. With 7.5 months remaining I am daring to actually think   “I CAN DO THIS….”
And trust me if I can do this (Green and Blacks chocolate and Kettle Chips addict) you can too…
Thank you for tolerating my smugness – you are awesome!
Heaviest weight 345 lb
Starting weight 299 lb (Oct 1, 2011)
Current weight 250 lb (Feb 22- 2012)

9 thoughts on “2 lb off – oh so smug

  1. I think it is great to be smug! Well done. Next weigh-in just think you will be OVER half way there! Keep with the positive thinking the 1940s experiment is a great project.


  2. Is there a word that means the opposite of schadenfreude? You know, it would mean the vicarious enjoyment of someone else’s smugness? If not, there should be.


  3. Wow!! Congrats! You are an inspiration to all who are struggling with weight, myself included. I often find myself coming to your page when I’m feeling frustrated and it always helps me through.

    Congrats again!!!



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