Ration book giveaway!

As I build my collection of “Home Front Memorabillia” I’m finding that I have a few spare copies of some items.. I’d love to be able to share some of these things with you.
This month I have ordered some replica ration books and will have a few extra, surplus to my requirements.

This a fabulous resource to use in or out of the classroom. Ideal for Teachers, students or anyone with an interest in life on the home front in World War 2.

This replica is faithfully reproduced by a professional printer, and is an actual copy of an Original British Ration Book dated July 1940.

  • The name and address details are left blank front of the ration book therefore students could fill in their own details.
  • Details of retailers are listed where the holder of the ration book can get their essentials from.
  • General Information on use of the ration book.

I have THREE to giveaway and will post them to anywhere in the world.

Simply leave a brief comment below and names will go in a hat and drawn at random on March 1st, 2012

Good luck!

C xxxxxx

65 thoughts on “Ration book giveaway!

  1. I would absolutely LOVE one of these. WW2 homefront is my favorite subject to study! Not in school, just as a part of my life. 🙂

    However- I’m in the USA- Oregon, to be more precise, am I still eligible?

  2. OMG a ration book would be so cool to have. I have been trying to recreate my own with not to much luck. BTW you look amazing, love the new pics.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I would LOVE a ration book! I homeschool as well and would love to use it to help explain how rations worked to my homeschool co-op class! Also, quite selfishly, I’d like to have to for my own collection of WW2 books 🙂

  4. That is such a good idea! i’ve always wanted a ration book of my own. i remember my third grade teacher bringing in her mother’s ration book in class and –oh my goodness– i loved it!! i was born in the wrong era!!

  5. We would be absolutely thrilled if we won one of these! As a homeschooling family and loving the WW2 era, it would be just wonderful to have as a resource! 🙂

  6. I would love one of these. I also home educate my three children and we are very interested in WWII at the moment. Keep up your great work. It is always interesting to read about.

  7. Oh! My daughter and I are big on the Homefront, and we homeschool too. This would dovetail perfectly with what we are planning for the summer, and somehow I never picked up a ration book…

  8. I still have my mums and every time children did anything about WWII out it would come, with lots of reminding how they must take care of it, and they did. Its to me not only an historical item but also sentimental as mum has now gone.

  9. Oh, gosh, a giveaway! I’ve been following your blog since I planned a World War Two themed party for my college friends last year. I had to print our ration books, which was not nearly as much fun. Where does one go about *finding* these things?

  10. While I would love a copy of the ration book, what I’m also interested in is non-edibles that were rationed. Clothing, yarn, fuel. Is that is your ration book? Could you post an entire scanned ration book on your site or where could I find out that information. I’ve been reading books by Patricia Wentworth starring Miss Silver and rationing is frequently mentioned.

    By the way – you look great in your weight loss photo update! Good for you!

  11. Hi Carolyn I was born during the war (1943) but have never seen a ration book.
    My father was killed in the war (I was one year old) and so my mother didn’t keep any wartime reminders. However, I would love to be put into the draw as I am very interested in the war years. Keep up the good work with the diet, you are doing so well.

  12. Whoww, my grand parents advised me – this brings back lots of memory of there parents – would love to acquire one

  13. This sounds amazing! I have been interested in the ’40s for some time, and I have been trying to live out a vegan ration diet for the past two weeks, but I’ve always wanted to own a ration book so I can really live out my ’40s throwback world…

  14. I would really love a copy to add to my (somewhat meagre!) home ed resources, however I dare not believe it will be as I NEVER win raffles etc! I really enjoy following your blog and find you very inspirational.

    Fingers crossed! x

  15. I found your blog today via Pinterest and I love what you are doing! You look amazing and I wish you every success for the rest of your journey, I’ll be watching to see how you get on. Good luck!

  16. I actually just started doing the WWII rationed diet with my wife this week, and this would be great to keep us honest. California, USA

  17. Hi Carolyn, Thank goodness I have my computer back up and running. You look AMAZING. Keep up the good work.
    I was born in October 1943 and would love one of these ration books. Does this have the clothing, material etc coupons in it as well.
    My Mum was not one for collecting this sort of stuff unfortunately.

  18. Lovely of you to share! Ration books are so hard to find, I have been looking on ebay with no luck for some time. I am trying to live a 1942 lifestyle this year, and your recipies areso interesting. I also have a daughter who has decided to go vegetarian, so now they are extra helpful – might try those potato finger with some left over mash from last night.xxx

  19. my son would love this, their learning about world war II in school and are having a VE party in April, Came across your site whilst looking for recipes they have to take some 1940’s food in to try

  20. So cool! I just found your blog via Pinterest (mmm….Marmite Cheese Whirls!) and I love the idea. My dad is always telling me that the reason people in his generation in Britain are so healthy is because of wartime rationing. Your experiment definitely seems to be proving him right!

  21. We’re trying to live on a very low income and it’s very much back to basics when it comes to food and everything else. 1940s rationing recipes have been very useful. I’d love a copy of the ration book because it would put things in context for us.

  22. Hi there, I love your blog and would love the ration book.
    My son and I have been living on wartime rations since Boxing Day and my son (11 years) loves it and said that he doesn’t want to stop. He loves the measuring out of everything and all the new recipies we are cooking together. We are here in New Zealand so are enjoying all the salads and heaps of veges, we are vegetarian and find it so easy. We also have chooks in the backyard too, plenty of eggs. Alot of the meals are what I grew up with when a lived with my grand parents in the 70’s as they had been through both world wars.
    All the best for your further weightloss and look forward to reading more of your blogs.
    Nellie and Salem

  23. Oh I would love to have one. I have been working at losing weight for the past year, and am down 50 plus pounds. Good luck with your journey.

  24. I love your website. Keep up the good work , my family loves the food I cook from your site a cook book would be great
    Thanks for entering ne

  25. Just wanted to comment (for the first time) that I appreciate the honesty and bravery it takes to post your endeavours with weight loss in this medium. I think it is a novel approach to presenting your challenges and struggles. Congratulations on creating a much-needed dose of reality through a very interesting perspective: a throwback to more nutritious times.

    …and a ration book from the 2nd World War would be pretty great, I’ll admit. But that isn’t why I wrote that.


  26. All I can say is that you have some great idea and some really cool things. The extra ration card would be a tangible connection to the past.

  27. I collect vintage cookbooks and WW2 memorabilia (including ratio books) so this would bring both collections together wonderfully. Will the book be for sale online or in stores? 🙂

  28. I love history and have been watching your videos and reading your blog without comment for sometime. I’m an American who loves England and history and have always been fascinated by World War II.

    I have a small collection of 1940’s cookbooks and British government pamphlets regarding the ration and would love to add the ration card to that.

    Thanks 🙂

  29. Hi, what a great website, loved reading through all you have. I run a Guide Company and we are completing a challenge badge about the Queens Jubilee part of which involves planning a menu for a family for a week using food you coul have during rationing…we are goin one step further and having a month of war time events, one of which involves ration book and identity cards and how they were used etc…would be great to have one to show the Guides rather than the dodgy one I have made….Ah well here’s hoping. Congrats on the weight loss you have my fullest admiration for that. Will continue to check your site, its great. Thankyou

  30. Thank you for all your entries!

    I’ll print out this page, cut out your names and place them all in a bag and select three at random tonight when I get in from work. I’ll select the three winners on video so you can see all is fair..

    Thanks for entering and I’ll have another 1940s giveaway in March

    C xxxxx

  31. My daughter is learning about wartime, what a wonderful piece of replica to show to her fellow students at school. love to win this.

  32. Jacqui
    My mother is 86 this year and we are having a 1940’s birthday party for her. This ration book would be just great to give to her and help her bring back the good old days for her.

  33. I realize this giveaway is over but, I think you and I have the same Idea, live on a ration book to lose weight. Where did you order your ration books?

  34. I am organising a 90th & 70th surprise party for my mother & sister it is 40s themed , i have a childhood friend who does rienactment he will bring with him his friends who are kindly giving thier time to make it as authentic as possible i had the idea of sending the invitations in ration book form i think this will be quite an education for those who have not expierienced the life in war time london any sugestions would be fully apreciated yours faithfully alan parish.

  35. Hi Alan,
    We had a 1940’s themed New Years party this year. I got ration books from Ebay. Checkout the following

    Replace the ‘_’ in the above (only on each side of ebay) and paste it into your browser window.

    We also had to get fancy dress, but only had £19.40 to spend on it (trips to Charity shops).
    Good luck, and enjoy

  36. I’m sorry if I miss out some replies… my life is a bit busy/stressful right now with various things xxx

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