Latest before and after photos..

Taking regular photos really helps keep me on the straight and narrow..

Although looking in the mirror I see little change, and if naked in front of the mirror I almost want to cry, taking clothed progress shots every time I lose about 15 lb, definitely shows changes so I’ll keep on doing that..

Today, in the photo above, I am wearing a shirt that I bought about 4 years ago to fit into… today was that day! Do you know how good that feels?

Imagine chocolate, and an intimate encounter with Mr Darcy. THAT’S how good it feels!!!

C xxxxxxx

OK I did it! I rolled up my pants and I do have legs!!

PS And underneath those pants I have a little secret. I’d bought black hold-up stockings that I one day want to wear with a skirt. But for now I wore them under my pants and I felt a little sexy! It’s all about feeling good about yourself and for a few moments I really did 🙂


We may be birthing babies or enduring the menopause, cooking meals, cleaning toilets and up to our arms in muck most of the time girls, but whatever size and age we are, it doesn’t hurt to feel a little sexy- even if ya weigh 255 lbs!

16 thoughts on “Latest before and after photos..

  1. You look amazing, and I have to say I’m jealous of your legs in your stocking pic. You and I are the same weight and I wish my legs looked like yours!

    • Flattering angle- trust me, and anyway I have a huge dangling down tummy which I am incredibly self conscience about (I hope that will eventually disappear).. I felt, for a few moments, a little good about myself so took the photo and posted it. At the end of the day, no matter how big we are or what shape we are, if we can feel a little good fleetingly, its worth recording and remembering.

      You are very kind- thank you xxxx

  2. You look AMAZING!! Look at the difference between the last two pictures. You are such an inspiration, Carolyn. Watching you has really helped me stick to my guns 🙂

  3. I just had to add, you can see in your face a confidence and happiness you don’t have in the other pictures. Your pride is beaming and so it should!
    Hugs, you are an amazing woman!

  4. I agree with Marina, in both these latest pictures – your latest shot and your sexy shot (in particular!) I see a confident, happier woman standing tall, her shoulders back, tousled hair flying and painted lips smouldering. Hmmm. Seem to have gone all Mills and Boon there! 😉

  5. Wow you can really see the difference now, you are doing fantastic, very well done……I am following my own WWII rations, but more from financial need, although I have 56lbs to lose. So am not only following food rations but rationing for everything else and finding its amazing how long you can make a bar of soap last etc if you are careful. I am very lazy though and not been to my blog in ages.. I love reading yours…

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