Writing a book..

I am a great believer in whatever life throws at you, something good will eventually come from it.  Every hardship, trauma, happiness or indeed, the simple act of daily living, teaches us something valuable..

Although I tend to gravitate towards science & practicality in making everyday informed decisions, sometimes, something so unexpectedly awesome happens in your life, that despite your own personal insecurities or the enormity of the task to achieve it, you HAVE TO sit up and take notice. This has happened to me…. a veritable beacon is flashing on my horizon.

Last month, completely and totally out of the blue (or rather the virtual grey matter in cyberspace) I received an e-mail. The friendly, chatty, e-mail was from a rather large publishing house in the US, based in New York (I know that because I thought it was someone pulling my leg so I checked everything out before responding).

Part of the e-mail went like this..

QUOTE: I came across your blog via the article in THE AWL and I was wondering if you had ever considered publishing a book. I can think of a lot of women who would be interested in a book like this!

Initially I was very confused, did publishers really plant seeds in this way and actually help germinate them?  Of course I responded (I mean we all have a little dream of writing a book one day right?)…

Several e-mails later it seems so..

The publishing house (who shall remain nameless) have been very encouraging indeed. Not only that but they have taken time to answer many questions coming from myself (she who has little clue about book publishing and certainly NO CLUE about book writing!) and now I finally have a plan of action.

They have asked me to take my time and produce a well thought out proposal and have asked me to seek out representation as most major publishing houses only deal with literary agents (This protects the author and works in their best interests). Infact they say they can put me in contact with a couple of literary agents that could well be interested in my project…

As you can imagine my head is spinning somewhat akin to a certain young lady, tied to a bed in the “Exorcist”.  And then there is that nagging self-doubt…

“Do I have the dedication and commitment for such a project…”

“What if after all my efforts nothing comes of it…?”

“Would anyone actually buy a book based on the 1940s Experiment?”

But once I had spent many days trying to rationalize things I knew there was absolutely only one option and that was to give it a go!  This is my passion! I’ve been writing, living and breathing the 1940s Experiment, on and off, since 2006 and it is my way of life and I know I’ll lose that 100 lbs.

Sometimes life offers us opportunities from the most unexpected places and we should grasp these firmly..

There is always, always HOPE…

C xxxxxxxxxxxx

31 thoughts on “Writing a book..

  1. not only women who would be intrested a book would be great a also belive it would be great for educations schools while learning about the war times

    • Thanks Raymond and you are right- infact the recipe page on my blog is referenced in the National Curriculum in the UK it seems, and most weeks delight in seeing schools visiting and reading my wartime recipe page. This is hugely satisfying and I think its great that schools are still teaching children about the domestic home front during WWII…….. C xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh My Goodness !! I am sooo excited for you !! OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO DO IT !!
    If there is one thing I remember about Carolyn Hyland it is the determination and attention to detail that you have (I remember lots more… but that’s probably unpublishable and for another time :-)). Once you get your teeth stuck into it you will have a wonderful book and believe me lots and lots of readers !!
    Get to it Lovely. xxxxx

  3. AWWWWWWWW thank you Julie- that is the sweetest thing you just said!!!!!!!!! And you used my REAL name!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Heeeheheee OMG was I really that unpublishable? Mind you weren’t we all 🙂

    C xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Slightly less than conventional shall we say ? 🙂 And yes, that goes for all of us 🙂

    I have every faith in you to put together an awesome book. You’ve got such a lot of exciting experiences to draw on and a journey that’s still on-going.

    God, I sound like the official Carolyn Hyland Fan Club don’t I ?


    • LMAO you are sooooo funny! Not sure who I’d prefer to snog, Ellen or Oprah!! Hey if it gets written and if it gets published and if a few copies sell HELL I’ll be pretty happy!

  5. I am so excited for you I could SCREAM!!!! Yes, you DO have what it takes to write the book……you’ve proven that by your continuing dedication to your blog and your persistance in carrying on with the 1940’s Experiment. Your blog followers will line up to buy the book! I think it’s so great that schools are following along, too. GO FOR IT, my friend!

    • Hehehehe thank you Cynthia (she of the Cynthia’s Eggless Sponge recipe)….for the encouragement!! You are awesome!!! C xxx

    • Hahaha! Is that what it’s called? I don’t know but whatever it is, it’s certainly given me a little more confidence in going ahead with this project! Life is strange and wonderful isn’t it!! C xxxxx

  6. Carolyn that is so wonderful!!!!! I got shivers reading this post because my dream is to have a book published and you have the opportunity to do it!!! You’ll do a great job 🙂 Like I said on Facebook, I’ll be the first on the pre-order list! And you had better do a book tour with stops in Toronto so I can meet you in person :):)


    • Marina- you simply never know when events take a turn. There is no guarantee in anyway the publisher will want my book but the simple fact that they sounded enthusiastic and hoped I’d consider writing a book and has been very helpful gives me a huge amount of confidence to see this through…

      I’m so pleased you’d buy it!! Now I got to produce something pretty wonderful LOL!! C xxxx

  7. Carolyn, that is fantastic news. You absolutely must consider this – what a terrific opportunity for you (and for those who will read your book – and gain some great life lessons). Go for it!!!! Best wishes, Bev 🙂

    • Thanks Bev- I’m gonna give it my best shot anyway! The publisher simply sowed a seed, now it’s up to me to grow it and when it’s matured hope that someone will want to buy it 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx

  8. Brilliant! Its exactly what people are crying out for at the moment, with credit crunches, inflation, generally money not going as far as it used to and no one really having and good answers, I think the book would me a marvelous resource.
    You were hubbie and my inspriation for starting the experiment for ourselves, and you’ll reach so many more with the book.
    You’ve started a lil revolution here :))

    • Oh I agree with you and most of us barely hang on financially…. getting back to basic wholesome foods especially if grown in our own gardens or locally/organically HAS to be the way forward… dump all the processed/convenience crap and only have something like that occasionally (just like they did during the war)…

      You have a great blog!!! C xxxx

  9. How exciting – it will be a great project. As you suggest – life does throw up remarkable opportunities – and we have to grab onto them!
    You say you do not have a clue about publishing but in my opinion you have excellent skills in writing very readable and interesting text/dialogue. What a body of information you have to to draw on already! – So, you are well on the way to a successful book. I look forward to it 🙂

    • Hi Caroline!!! I LOVE writing but blogging just gushes out of me without even thinking or formulating anything… it takes just a few minutes to write a blog post! A book, that provides accurate and interesting info, I’d imagine is quite different BUT I’m up for the challenge!!!!! Thanks 🙂 C xxxx

  10. How exciting!! I can’t tell you how many people I’ve mentioned your ‘experiment’ to. Everybody is so intrigued!!! You can do it!

    • Thank you so much Julia! 🙂 I appreciate that… at the end of the day if it makes a few people think about the processed crap we fill our faces with and that there IS a way we can make ourselves healthier and save money doing so then I’m ecstatic.. xxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Dieting can be sooo dull, and budgeting hard to get excited about, but your blog makes austerity and abstemiousness actually interesting. You must do this. It chimes with the times, austerity made fun! I’ll buy one (worth it for the recipes alone).

  12. Go for it Caroline. If you write your book like you write your blog it will be a winner. You are funny, informative and enthusiastic. I read your blog every day, and it gives me a lift.

  13. Hi! I stumbled across your blog from the Awl too and I actually wondered if you’d ever thought about a book as well! I’m not a publisher by any stretch but this is just such a unique concept you’ve got here and it fits so well with what’s going on right now, with the economy and people wanting to get back to basics and home cooking and I just love it!

  14. Just wondering how you’re doing with the book? I am so excited about it…… Does it feel a bit like going back to English Lessons and planning your chapters? 🙂 J. xxx

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