Keeping motivated…

345 lbs - my heaviest

I have never been so determined as I am right now to lose this hundred pounds…

As anyone who has struggled with their weight knows, especially if it is a significant amount, the struggle and the task to complete, can sometimes become overwhelming. I get moments like these…… moments when I am so very scared that I’ll wake up and that will be the day I no longer have that fire inside me that keeps me striding towards my goal.

If you have already lost weight, old photos can provide the necessary wake-up call to shock your wavering commitment into behaving itself.

I have some photos that are extremely painful to look at not because I hardly recognize the face looking back at me but because I remember the emotions that were part of my daily existence at this time. When your eating is out of control you really don’t like yourself very much.

Today I’m over 80 lbs less than I was at my heaviest weight ever and I’m beginning to like myself a little bit….

How do you keep motivated?

C xxxxxxxxxxx

312 lbs, 299 lbs and 280 lbs (work scales fully clothed)

17 thoughts on “Keeping motivated…

  1. Oh gosh- reading above I didn’t seem to sound so negative!! Most of the time I think of the positive things this healthier eating and exercise has brought me such as a higher self esteem, being able to walk, feeling happier, being more alert, smiling more and not least an increased libido (look out men in kilts!)…

    But sometimes you can’t remember just how utterly awful the feelings were before and occasionally glimpsing at a photo is enough to remind me that I don’t want to be so unhappy again…

    I’d love to hear how you keep motivated 🙂

  2. Oh and another great way to keep motivated is to stalk your friends of Facebook who are losing weight too! Their weight loss success status updates and enthusiasm is contagious and it’s FREE!

  3. Hi Carolyn

    I just want to say that I think you are doing a great job and are looking really good 🙂 You are a total inspiration to me.

    Chin up!!

    Hugs, Lesley

    • Dear AJ- gulp xxxxxxx Thank you <3 And well done you for your weight loss this week… I can imagine that is a huge achievement seeing your talent for producing such delicious food 🙂 I'm so lucky to have you and your hubby as friends too xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • You are right Joy… especially if someone has a massive amount of weight to lose. It breaks my heart when I see weight loss articles or articles showing people with severe obesity and the comments left by human beings saying the most awful things about their size. Someone who has a big weight problem probably has big emotional or environmental issues and food is their drug of choice. It is sooooo hard to free yourself of a drug you still have to consume every day….. xxxxx

  4. I feel I know you from following your blog for so long, and I am always so proud of you for your accomplishments, not just the weight loss and healthier lifestyle, but for so many other things: your efforts to be a great mom, your continuing to research and write your blog (despite your obviously super-busy life), your example as a successful economizer (is that a word??), and just your fun sense of humour. Even though we’ve never met in person, I have often referred to you as ‘my friend from Nova Scotia’, so I hope you continue the Experiment and keep blogging about it even after you have lost the weight. Well done, my friend!

    • Awwwwwww gosh- I’m teary-eyed. That is a lovely thing to say and let me tell you that hell, without the support of yours and other peoples comments and encouragement I do really feel I may not still be doing this today. I guess the struggles are all part of life, we are all imperfect, we try and do our best given the circumstances of our lives and sometimes we fail quite spectacularly…… but sometimes we succeed too! My theory is if we can keep getting back up each time and brush the mud off our knees and stride forth, then sometime soon the road comes to an end and there is a nice comfy chair and a big sunny cocktail drink with an umbrella in it.

      I’m thinking of that cocktail 🙂

      Thanks so much- you are fab xxxxx

  5. keep up the good work Carolyn, you are a great inspiration to the rest of us who are trying to loose weight or just maintain the lose.

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