The 1940s Experiment – Kindle Edition

This is kind of exciting! The 1940s Experiment blog is now a “Kindle Blog” and can now be downloaded through The 1940s Experiment Blog app is just 99c and ensures that all the latest updates come to your Kindle.

Gotta love technology whatever century it happens to be in!

Click here for the Kindle Edition of the 1940s Experiment

C xxxx

3 thoughts on “The 1940s Experiment – Kindle Edition

  1. Hi Carolyn I loved the soda bread recipee.Being half Irish myself, I probably could not help but like it! Can you tell me how getting your blog through the ‘kindle’ tablet works. As a brit, will I pay a one off fee of £1 or is this only available for America/Canada? Look forward to your next blog and response to this question. Best wishes Rosemary

    • Hi Rosemary- I am new to the Kindle Edition too but as far as I can see you pay a one off fee and updates are sent sent automatically to your Kindle so basically you never have to worry about visiting the website and missing updates. There is a money back guarantee too from what I understand so I think if you are dissatisfied in anyway then you are re-imbursed.

      YES I love soda bread too 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the recipe

      C xxx

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