Still losing…

Sorry- I’ve had such an incredibly busy week or two that I’ve not had time to devote to blogging properly but hoping to catch up over Christmas as I have nine wonderful days off..

I weighed in last week and had dropped another 1 lb so I’m down to 264 lbs 🙂 (81 lbs down from my heaviest ever and 51 lbs down from when I started this blog)

I’m still sticking to a plant based diet (there were vegans during the 1940s although not many) as this simply is the quickest way for me to reverse my health concerns like high blood pressure and I’m seeing that improve all the time (much of the time it is now within normal levels)

These days, to reward myself, I try to think of non-food pick me ups and last night I decided to soak my feet in epsom salts, massage them with a peppermint moisturizer, and paint my nails a glorious christmas red and take time to enjoy the twinkling lights on the christmas tree while doing so..

I’ll have a couple more Christmas ration recipes to share this week with you so keep checking back!

Hugs and kisses

C xxxxxxxxxxx

PS: I’ve just realized that I’ve lost 51 lbs but have only cooked 48 recipes! (I promised to cook a wartime recipe for every 1 lb I lost) I’ll have to make sure I add a bunch more ASAP!

5 thoughts on “Still losing…

  1. Carolyn you have beautiful feet. I wish my feet looked like yours.
    Have a lovely Christmas with your children.
    Love Margaretx

  2. Well done Carolyn. I used to take a slimming club during the 90s but never came across anyone with such determination as you have. Keep up the good work. Have a Happy Christmas and a slimming new year.

  3. Hi Carolyn, have a wonderful Christmas! And a great New Year! Looking forward to many posts in 2012!! Keep on being a loser, in the best possible way! Ha Ha!!
    Love and hugs
    Gill xxx

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