Weigh in: Down, down, down

A  2 lbs weight-loss this week (265 lbs). If my calculations are correct I am now 80 lbs down from my heaviest weight ever and 50 lbs down from when I initially started this blog….
This makes me happy, very, very happy!
What also makes me very, very happy is that my son is visiting for the week, my eldest daughter Jess is happy, my youngest daughter Em played a fabulous Dirty Sheriff Harry (King Herod) in the school Christmas drama production last night AND our Christmas tree is up!
It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here in the Hobbit house!
C xxxx

4 thoughts on “Weigh in: Down, down, down

  1. Ohhhh, congratulations!! I’ve been following you for a bit, but this is the first time I’ve commented. You’ve created a great blog, I do enjoy keeping up with what you’re doing…..
    As of January we (myself, partner and 3 children) will be undertaking a similar experiment, only kind of moreso as we will be incorporating clothing and fuel (as far as is sensible anyway!) rationing as well. I suppose the motivation is different, as for me it is more an exercise in Austerity…..a word that’s been chucked about more than usual here in the UK recently……that said, I hope there will be benefits, as I could stand to drop a dress size!! We’re aiming for 12 months, although may be longer, who knows? Should certainly be interesting, whatever the outcome. I hope to blog progress throughout as well.

    Again, so very well done, and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you and yours from cold, dark Blighty!!


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