Interesting home made documentary

I’m waiting for my potato and carrot pancakes to cook and watching this- it’s very interesting !

2 thoughts on “Interesting home made documentary

  1. I really am enjoying your blog, so interesting. The video was great. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes. I too am trying to lose weight, maybe this method will work for me.

    • Yes I came across it on YouTube- I think it must have ben a school project or something but sometimes these end up being real gems….

      Thanks for reading my blog and hope you enjoy trying the recipes…. most of the recipes come from various wartime cookbooks and many of the recipes come from the Ministry of Food.. It was a huge move by the government to create something positive and it worked…

      Sticking to a 1940s rationing diet as authentically as possible is difficult as

      a) the limitations on the amounts of foods such as meat/egg/dairy you can use
      b) trying to do this surrounded by all the temptations of modern life is TERRIBLE!!!! LOL

      But for me I look on it as an ongoing project, a living history culinary experiment. I’ve stopped and started so many times but I know in my heart a fundamental change in the way we eat (ie cut animal proteins right down and introducing several times more vegetables, fruit and beans/pulses) is the way forward, for me personally at the very least.


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