Weekly weigh in

I’ll give you my update based on my scales at home as I’ve always done on my 1940s Experiment blog… it’s getting confusing though as I also weigh at work, fully clothed, wearing shoes, on Doctor’s scales and the difference in the readings are about 12 lbs!

Anyway… the good news for me is that this week I lost 4 lbs. So I started at the beginning of the blog, weighing on on my home scales at 315 lbs and now my weight is 280 lbs. Grand total is 35 lbs and 19 lbs of that is since turning vegan & walking daily (and applying myself to the task in hand with renewed vigour!)

This is really encouraging…

I did make a change this week and stopped pouring on the fat when frying veggies… now I just use a teaspoonful and add liquids so I think this is why I had a good weight-loss. Still eating roughly 2000 calories a day though!

4 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in

  1. Less tired, more energetic, much happier and I feel sooo healthy! Goodness knows what I’ll feel like when I lose another 35 lbs! Thanks Lili!


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