Blood pressure down!

Ok I am seriously happy… over 3 weeks ago I went and had my blood pressure done a few times… it was up high each time… the highest reading being 176/88 and the lowest 169/84. (I had fallen off my 1940s plan and was eating crap again) Yesterday and today I have taken several readings… the highest being 130/82 the lowest 117/69. I’ve been on a 100% vegan diet for 21 days (and 11 days since starting the 60 day fitness challenge and walking 40 minutes each day)

I have been eating LOTS of foods/veggies that are recommended to lower blood pressure.

Something MUST be working!!!

Tomorrow I start to plan my 1940s vegan diet….. THANK YOU for all the very helpful links, e-mails and information I have been receiving. I think with a bit of planning I can pretty much start moving forward with a fairly authentic 1940s WWII vegan diet sometime next week.


4 thoughts on “Blood pressure down!

  1. Great news there! I have been following the Ration Book diet (more or less) and the upshot is that I have lost 25 pounds (okay still got 150 to go *wry grin*) and my bp is bang on normal (yay!)

  2. FANTASTIC!!!! Its sooooooo simple really…. lots more vegetables, cut meat and dairy right back, stick to wholefoods and not processed foods… and exercise more. Exactly what they did during the war

    I am starting to read a book called The China Study which says exactly the same!!!! Well done YOU!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Congratulations!!!! That’s absolutely great. Hopefully, you’ll start to really like and crave your new foods soon. I know it takes the body a while to adjust to any change in diet, and this is a huge change. If you’ve got Netflix and are looking for some inspiration, there is a documentary called Forks Over Knives that you might enjoy. It’s available on instant watching. It features, among others, Bill Clinton, who is now a vegan as well.

  4. I don’t have Netflix but really want to see Forks Over Knives- have watched all the trailers!!!!

    Thanks Lili!! xxxxxxxxxxx

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