The China Study- just like the war

I was working, in my volunteer role, at Oak Island today… manning the reception centre, dressed in pirate gear, because I can..

After the tours take off I am on my lonesome so today I took with me my new book.. “The China Study”.

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I’m only a few chapters in but briefly let me tell you it is about the most comprehensive nutritional study ever undertaken … part of the conclusions it draws (and has proved) is that reducing our animal protein consumption (meats, eggs, milk etc) to 5% or under and increasing our plant consumption has a remarkable effect on our bodies… coupled with wholefoods (rather than processed) and some daily exercise a “plant based diet” lowers blood pressure, prevents us from getting cancer, prevents and turns around heart disease and controls diabetes…

When you take a look at rations during WWII you notice that animal proteins were cut back and people ate lots more vegetables and complex carbohydrates like potatoes… the health of the nation really did improve.

I’ve always been so sure that adapting to a diet high in vegetables and fruits and low in animal protein is good for you and reading “The China Study” is confirming that..

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3 thoughts on “The China Study- just like the war

  1. hmm because of following the Ration Book Diet we have limited protein (very, very little meat!) and loads of potatoes and veg, I seem to have more energy even though I am still not really sleeping

  2. Interesting information, Carolyn. I don’t think anyone would argue with “healthy foods = good health”. I think the problem is getting people to redefine “healthy foods”. So many people are convinced that good quality, lean meat = healthy. Maybe it’s not actually bad for you but it’s only part of the equation. Our bodies need all kinds of foods. One of the most common arguments I’ve heard for eating meat is “humans are omnivores”. But then they don’t really eat _everything_ do they? Not a big variety of grains or vegetables or fruits.

    I’ve been vegetarian for nearly 15 years and I believe it’s one of the healthier diets. I try to incorporate vegan meals regularly but I do eat eggs from our chickens (since I know how they’ve been raised and what they’ve been fed). I could certainly do better on the cheese front though. That’s one of the hardest things for me to cut down on (and one of the hardest things to recreate in a vegan version). I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and I’ll probably get my cholesterol checked. That may provide the motivation I need to eat less cheese!

    • How were the cholesterol levels? I agree with what you say…. that was my theory when I’ve tried doing the 1940s Experiment…. cutting back on excess (ie animal proteins, dairy, processed foods) and replacing the gaps with lots of fresh vegetables!!!

      I think its great what you are doing xxxxx I remember having chickens and our own eggs- I envy you!!!! xxx

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