I lost 5lb – woo hoo!

So I lost 5lb!!!!. I’m sorry! I meant to share this weeks weight loss and video it but I had SUCH A CRAZY WEEKEND it didn’t happen… I didn’t even manage to get my blood pressure checked but I’ll do that later this week.

I’m very pleased with that indeed and have high hopes for this Saturday when I weigh in again.
I have set myself a shorter term goal just so I can focus and strive for something…. My first goal will be to lose 20 lb by the time I weigh in on 9th August…. so that will be 20 lb in one month. I know that seems quite a lot but I have quite a lot to lose- it should come off quicker in those first few weeks.
I also entered my “Cheese and Marmite Whirls” into a Marmite Facebook contest. I thought the recipe looked so pretty and tasted good too…. I hope Marmite think the same!
Thanks & have a stonkingly wonderful day
C xxxxxxx

3 thoughts on “I lost 5lb – woo hoo!

  1. Got to love Marmite. I don’t have Facebook, but I would vote for them 😀 Well done on the weight loss. Smaller goals are easier to meet, I think. Keep up the great work. 🙂

    KB xx


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