Sugar snap peas and poison apples..

So I’m sat here crunching on raw sugar snap peas….. I would much rather be eating pizza but even more I want to see my toes sometime soon.

I am convincing myself the 1940s family would have grazed on raw fresh veggies as they picked homegrown produce from their “Victory Gardens”.

The British people were encouraged to dig up their flower beds and instead grow vegetables to supplement their rationed foods. Meals would look more plentiful and fill more tummies with a plate that was filled with a generous helping of vegetables. Indeed increasing the amount of daily fruit and veg consumed naturally was good for the health of the nation.

One thing I need to do more research on is how organic was farming in the 1940’s? Did farmers use pesticide? What about allotment growers and families who grew vegetables in their gardens?

The older I get the more I desperately want to rid my life of having to eat non-organic vegetables, fruit and meat. I fully believe that many of our modern medical conditions such as cancers and asthma etc stem from the over use of pesticides and medicines in farming and in our everyday environment..

It is so easy to not think of what is sprayed on our food because we are several times detached from that actual process.

We are lured into purchasing beautiful and perfect food (much as we are lured into wanting beautiful and perfect cars or perfect and beautiful people). But beauty comes at a price…

Your child is sat in front of you, she wants an apple. There are two apples left in the bowl. One apple is larger than the other, it looks perfect, it looks like it has been polished it is so shiny. The other apple is a little smaller, a few blemishes on it’s skin…

Your child reaches for the beautiful apple….

Stop. Wait a moment. You pick up a can of fly/bug killer spray (you know the stuff that you mustn’t breath in or consume- it says so on the can) You spray it over the apple. Would you give that to your child? Of course not…

Don’t be silly, you’d go run it under the tap/faucet first before letting your child enjoy it……. NO??

NO- there is no way any parent would feed their child an apple that has been sprayed with bug spray and then washed under the tap.

BUT the reality is we all do that, each and every day. (except the bug spray is used in the fields and the orchards)

The more I think about it the more I try and introduce more organic produce into our household….. my income is very limited and often organic prices are beyond my reach but I’ll keep trying…..

I know there is something fundamentally very wrong with the way modern society continues to live it’s life……

We all need to change it…


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