Potato Rarebit – 1940s Recipe

It was too warm today to be eating hot stodgy food but somedays you just need something big inside you- this filled me all up for sure.. my youngest hobbit (Em) and I had two slices each for lunch and this was a substantial meal. Something lighter tonight for sure.

Potato Rarebit

  • 1 medium potato and 1 oz cheese per slice of toast (although I used just 1/2 oz of cheese to be really frugal)
  • Use mash potato as a basis for a rarebit. Beat the mashed potatoes until soft and smooth (add a little butter and milk if too stiff). Potatoes should be like a thick whipped cream..
  • Put in as much grated cheese as you can spare with plenty of seasoning to your own taste.
  • Spread on hot toast and brown under the grill

9 thoughts on “Potato Rarebit – 1940s Recipe

  1. Have had this many a time and enjoyed it. I find that a little less cheese in the mix, and then sprinkle what’s left over the top to go brown under the grill/in the oven means it’s a lot cheesier. Also, a pinch of mustard powder and a pinch of salt does wonders to bring out the cheese flavour in anything… thanks for the reminder of this, shall have to keep it for Autumn and onwards.

    • Ha- I agree- I think it would be cheesier with the cheese sprinkled on top rather than mixed in- next time will do this. I seasoned well with salt and pepper and that really helps the flavour!!

      C xx

      • Well if you cube the potato and put it on to boil it will be ready to mash in 20 minutes. Once it is mashed, adding the rest of the ingredients and spreading it on toasts to put under the grill will only take you another 5 minutes.

        C xxx

  2. WHat a simple yet filling idea! I am always looking for easy meals, especially with potatoes.
    Would you only season with salt and pepper? Am guessing they didnt have too many seasonings back then?

    • Hi- salt and pepper and they did use herbs grown commonly in gardens like thyme, parsley, sage etc. I used thyme!!! I used just 1/2 oz of strong cheddar per slice with mine but it really needed at least 1 oz per slice but this is the last day of my weekly rations so only had a tiny bit of cheese available as had used the rest up this week…

      C xx

  3. Oh – looks lovely. I have to try this! My cheese-loving 4 year old is making it very hard to stick to the ration so I’ve been looking for filling, cheesy dishes that don’t use a huge amount of cheese to make.

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