Week 7 Weigh In- 2lb off!

Start weight: 315 lbs (22 st 7 lb)

Last weeks weight: 293 lbs (20st 13 lb)

This weeks weight: 291 lbs (20st 11 lb)

Week 7 weight loss: 2lbs

TOTAL weight loss to date: 24lb (1 st 10 lb)

I seriously can’t believe that I’ve lost weight this week but am obviously pleasantly surprised..

Have enjoyed Fish & Chips and Rock Buns!

BUT I have changed my way of eating and I think that is a very important step in the right direction for me..

When I look back to when I was SLIM, I ate 3 to 4 good sized meals a day, strictly ate nothing inbetween meals except the occasional piece of fruit, ate little junk food and was quite active!

This is soooooo encouraging… I am on my way to wearing smaller knickers!

C xx

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5 thoughts on “Week 7 Weigh In- 2lb off!

  1. and the side effect is that you ‘feel’ good inside as your body is not working so hard to process your meals.

    We are cooking with our ‘meat ration’ tonight to show MLA how much meat he could eat in 1940. We did, or shoud I say the children did, a meal the other night with rations which they enjoyed but we shocked about how little meat there was.

    We also had to have a black out!

    Hope the bottom falls out of your ‘drawers’ soon!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks both!

    MLA- yes when you think 1/2 lb mince + a few rashers of bacon and maybe a slice of spam if you are lucky is about all the meat you could hope to have in a week- it’s isn’t a lot however it’s amazing how far it stretches!

    Pat- thanks YES I keep having to pinch myself! I think I’ll really start to notice a big difference losing the next 25 lb- am soooo excited to see what happens!

    C xx

  3. Aww thanks Lorraine- that’s very nice of you to say that!!

    I do however think a blog is excellent therapy for the writer and gives the person trying to reduce their weight something else to do with their hands rather than shoveling in food!!! LOL!

    C xx

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