The 1940’s diet- a healthier diet for you and the environment

As I sit here, waiting for the children to finish their showers so I can hog the bathroom and get ready too, I just wanted to share a few thoughts on WHY I truly believe that we as a society should take note of the way people fed themselves in 1940’s Britain during World War II..

Contemplating my unhealthy diet before and my simple diet now they are vastly contrasting..

In 2009 I relied on many processed foods in my daily diet, many foods contained colours and preservatives and lots of salt, I ate a lot of hidden fats, many drinks contained sweeteners, I cooked less from scratch, was more likely to grab a convenience snack and much of my FRESH (ermmm) items had been shipped in from around the world..

In 1940 I am relying on nearly all fresh foods most of which have been grown locally (and therefore supporting the local economy), cooking from scratch, using little processed foods, my fats are weighed and not hidden, using anything that has been imported very sparingly and nearly all my foods contain no colours, preservatives or sweetners..

I have to say I feel more alert, happier and healthier already- heard the phrase?- ‘you are what you eat!’

OK better go- time to go to work!

C xx

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