A typical two day meal plan…


Got a message a few days ago on Facebook

Hi Carolyn,
My name is C***** from Australia  and I have been following you on your website “1940’s Experiment”. I was just wondering what is your typical meal plan for the two days. I was thinking about doing what your doing too. It just sounds so much for better for you.
Thank you.

I am unorganized- I am sure the 1940’s housewife HAD to be very organized and would plan her meals out way in advance.. unfortunately, I don’t, so I do not have a typical two day meal plan as such but here is what I have eaten the past couple of days…

It may seem rather a lot, but I AM losing weight. I did read that for a 300 lb person to move around moderately throughout the day uses up 3000 calories so I guess I can eat more than say a 200 lb person and still lose weight.

The main thing I want to stress is that now I don’t pick at food in-between meals and I stick STRICTLY to my food ration- when I’ve used it up I do without..

So here is what I have eaten in the last two days and this is pretty typical..


2 slices of wholemeal (wholewheat) toast with margarine and marmalade or marmite

or large bowl of porridge oats (oatmeal) made with water, splash of milk and a little sugar or honey mixed in.


Oslo Meal- [Click here] + a piece of fruit

or I bring in to work with me a huge plate of steamed veggies such as broccoli, parsnips, potatoes, cabbage with a blob of butter on and seasoned. (sometimes with some meaty gravy [click here] over the top ) In addition to that I have a piece of fruit like an apple or a pear.


By the time I get home and start cooking it’s between 6 and 7pm and by this time I am starving! I always eat a BIG meal.

Yesterday– Two large baked potatoes topped with a little bit of strong cheddar, generous serving of meaty gravy, a chunk of freshly baked wholemeal bread, a few spoonfuls of steamed carrots, big mound of steamed cabbage. For dessert I didn’t have anything cooked so had a pear.

Today– A big mound of mashed potato (a blob of marg and some thyme, salt & pepper for seasoning), served with large portions of cabbage and cauliflower and the remainder of the meaty gravy I made yesterday. For dessert I had two freshly baked Rock Buns [click here] and two steaming hot cups of tea!


I like to round off the day with a glass or two of milk- usually one small glass of cold milk and a cup of milky coffee. The amount I have depends on how much I have left to use!

Obviously my diet depends on what I have available or what recipes I have been re-creating. I quite often make veggies stews with beans and pulses in for extra protein..

Hope this helps!

C xx

PS: I am convinced that the diet industry has got it ALL wrong (actually that is an unfair generalization as things have really changed over the past 10 years)…BUT what I mean to say is


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6 thoughts on “A typical two day meal plan…

  1. Carolyn,

    You are so right that we should be eating more – I have just been in England for 2 months – eating like a horse – bacon and egg breakfasts, creamy desserts, wine every day and I lost 3 kilos. I didn’t eat between meals.
    I arrived back in Doha on Thursday and in 3 days I have regained 1.5kg – may be fluid retention in this climate but I do eat much less here. Must try to eat more


  2. I know it’s weird isn’t it!!!

    Several months ago I was losing a bit of weight but really slowly but was hardly eating anything and I thought- this is terrible. Am totally miserable NOT eating food (I love food) so am making sure I eat loads now and guess what- losing weight quicker but eating lots of food….it’s a no brainer!

    Congrats on dropping weight AND having a good time!!!

    C xx

  3. I’m getting a late start reading your blog, but I find it fasicnating! Anway, I have a few questions, and the “eating more” topic brought it to mind. Were grains/ flour rationed (ie. your morning oats and whole wheat flour)? Likewise, are you allowed to have basically as many fruits and veggies as you like (if so, do you buy them locally to stick with the 1940’s era availablitiy)?

  4. Really interesting blog. Is sugar rationed? I think that sugar is the main culprit with our modern day eating – it is in EVERYTHING and certain types of sugars cause havoc with our apetite regulating system. So, maybe you are eating more but it is unprocessed and much less sugar, by default.

  5. Hi, I have searched for years to find a recipe for Bread Pudding like my grandmother made. I followed your recipe and Eureka! My grandmother always baked it and sliced to be eaten cold. Serving it warm with custard was a great success. Thank you.
    My grandmother raised nine children in Liverpool uk. The family corner shop and home was “bombed out ” in the blitz in WW2. Her rock cakes were delicious.
    Thanks for your great blog. Eileen Martin

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