Midnight Feast

egglesssponge So what are you doing at 12:20 am….?? Dreaming of Mr. Darcy, Belgian Chocolates or maybe  a very interesting combination of the two? 

 As for me well it is the youngest Hobbit’s 12th birthday today and I am baking a lemon cake to  cool overnight so tomorrow morning (ermm that should be this morning in approximately 6  hours) I can decorate her birthday cake with Nutella & Smarties.

 This interesting combination of flavours will undoubtedly delight the palate of all three  Hobbits (I am here to do there bidding) HOWEVER Nutella & Smarties are not something I  will find on my 1940’s shopping list so not only am I cooking lemon cake but I am cooking an  ‘eggless sponge’ at this ungodly hour. 

 I am not convinced wholewheat flour & baking powder will produce something as delicious  as lemon, Nutella and Smarties but I guess only time will tell…

 Timers beeping….I’ll be back!


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