Week 1 Weigh In

Despite my misgivings, despite the fish & chips on Friday night (yes they did have them in the 1940’s but I’ll only have them once every couple of months) and despite enjoying a big slice of bread pudding every night for the last 3 days I did have a significant weight loss at the end of this first week.

10 lb off and just 90 lb to go….

Yeah I know a 315 lb woman WILL lose a lot in the first week but this is still incredibly motivating for me.

Because I love analyzing stuff and because there maybe someone out there in the universe that maybe curious too, I will produce a full diet sheet of every single morsel that went in my mouth during this first week. It will be good to assess the nutritional content and see if any changes should be made. During my first attempt in 2006 a dietician was concerned that my diet was low in protein so that is one of the things that I will have to adjust too this time.

Today I am happy..

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Weigh In

  1. Thanks Pat! As for the link- What a great idea encouraging people not to be so wasteful- it actually is amazing what you can make out of practically nothing!!!

    C xx


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