Sunday shout-out to other blogs!

I just thought it would be nice to do a shout out every Sunday to some of the blogs I enjoy reading from time to time and have visited during the week. Please take a moment to click through and support vintage and food bloggers!



There is always lots of vintage fashion articles, movie and book reviews at this blog. Loads of articles and posts in the archive too CLICK HERE

The Girl in the JitterBug Dress

This is a great vintage feel blog as well as a voice for Tam Francis’s new novel ‘The Girl in the JitterBug Dress’… Check out the 1940s slang page too! CLICK HERE

Cookaholic Kate

Kate is a darling. A lovely human being I can tell you that! She muses on her blog about food, recipes, veg boxes, wartime rationing and if you love food like me you’ll love Kate’s blog. CLICK HERE