The Oslo Meal


The Oslo Meal was originally given as an EXPERIMENT to school children during WWII. This very nutritious but basic quick meal vastly improved the development and the health of the nations children. Many families began using it as a main meal on occasions because of it’s simplicity and this was very appealing to busy housewives..

it vastly improved the development and health of the nations children..

The last few days have been very busy for me and there have been occasions that once I have fed everyone else that I am too tired to cook a special 1940’s dish right at that moment for myself, so I have relied on an Oslo Meal.

The Oslo Meal

  • 2 slices of wholewheat bread spread with a little margarine or butter
  • small block of cheese grated and placed over salad if wished
  • fresh lettuce leaves
  • other salad items like carrot, cucumber or tomato
  • glass of cold milk

I know how DIFFICULT it would be to get kids to eat school lunches like this again (I am laughing my ass off trying to imagine mine doing so ) but if we as Mom’s DID do just that our purses would be heavier (with all the money we would be saving) and our kids would be healthier.

As I say- there is a LOT we can learn from this period of time..

C xx

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