Sausage rolls

Being vegan I never thought I’d find myself devouring sausage rolls again but I REALLY wanted to make the sausage rolls using the recipe in “The Victory Cookbook” by Marguerite Patten (Celebratory food on rations!)..

So when the word “meatless sausages” loomed out at me from the vegetarian/vegan shelf at Superstore, I knew it was time to grab them from the fridge and head to the checkout, rush home and let my mouth drool (without the guilt) as I enjoyed the aroma, whafting from the oven. Whilst the meatless sausages didn’t taste as nice as animal flesh, and the wartime pastry, no where near as nice as flakey pastry, they were very, very tasty indeed…

The recipe below uses regular sausages but if like me you are vegan or vegetarian it’s easy now to find meatless sausages, in most large stores, to use in this recipe

Sausage rolls

  • Shortcrust pastry made with 8oz of flour (click here)
  • 8 oz of breakfast style sausages (cooked)
  • a little milk for glazing (vegans can use almond, hemp or soy milk)


  1. Pre-heat oven to 200C (400 F)
  2. Roll out the pastry and cut into strips about 4 or 5 inches wide and 12-14 inches long
  3. Moisten the long ends with milk
  4. Place the cooked sausages in the centre in a long line
  5. Roll one end of the pastry over the sausage
  6. Moisten with milk along the end
  7. Bring other long end of pastry over the moistened end and press lightly
  8. Cut along the strip of rolled sausage into 2 inch pieces (smaller or larger if you want)
  9. Cut two slits in pastry on top of each one
  10. Brush with milk
  11. Place in oven and cook until golden brown

CAROLYN’S TIP: Wheatmeal shortcrust pastry can look a bit grey! Take a pinch of curry powder and mix with a few tablespoons of milk or your egg mixture and brush over the pastry to give it a lovely golden glow