Motivation – How much do you need to lose over 100 lbs?

wecandoitI have often wondered where people who lose a LOT of weight get their motivation from to keep on going..

Although currently I feel very motivated it takes a lot of daily effort to achieve this. The internet is a wonderful way to stay motivated and I spend an hour every evening like an obsessed crazy woman, stalking weight loss success stories, especially ones with before and after photos, to keep my mind focussed and determined.

Visualization is also a great way to place yourself into the future….I find this really helpful. I think of the things I will be able to do again that I cannot do now like hike, swim, jog, ride a horse & CROSS MY LEGS! And then there are the shallow things like wearing my hair back and having more choice to wear clothes that reflect my personality.

Finally I believe that in turn, these improvements will make me even happier. Shiny, happy smiling people ¬†also have more chance of a snog. I’d quite like one of those….

C xx