Lentil sausages

I am sure, before even reading this post you are thinking

a) Snigger- those ermmmm sausages look like mens toilet parts

b) Ewwww- those ermmmm sausages look like they should be in the toilet..

Setting those perfectly valid observations aside, the lentil sausages were pretty tasty and have LOTS of protein in them and complex carbs (the good ones). Would be nice with gravy and vegetables…

Lentil sausages

  • 4oz of split lentils
  • finely chopped leek or onion
  • lots of seasoning- salt and pepper
  • fresh sage finely chopped (I used dried mixed herbs generously)
  • stock/water


  1. Cover above ingredients in a saucepan with stock/water
  2. Simmer until lentils become a thick puree (stir frequently)
  3. Mix with a couple of dessertspoons of flour (soya is best) and 8 oz of very smooth but stiff mashed potato
  4. Form into sausage shapes
  5. Brush with reconstituted egg (or a little liquid if vegan) and coat in fine breadcrumbs
  6. Fry or grill or bake in oven (220 C until browned)

Makes about 8 sausages. I would recommend doubling the quantity to make a larger batch