Week 6 weigh in – my pants are falling down!

Start weight: 315 lbs (22 st 7 lb)

Last weeks weight: 296 lbs (21st 2 lb)

This weeks weight: 293 lbs (20st 13 lb)

Week 6 weight loss: 3lbs

TOTAL weight loss to date: 22lb (1 st 8 lb)

This week my pants (trousers) are seriously loose. So loose infact that I worry if I forget to hike them up on every sixth step that an embarrassing incident may well occur..

I have lots of smaller pants (trousers) in my cupboard but I am about another 20 lb away from fitting into those- this means I have to spend more money and buy more pants..

Normally I’d be annoyed at this but this time I don’t mind one little bit!

C xxx

Oooooooo – fat photos!


Ya know- I am what I am and as much as this photo amuses and disturbs me it’s the truth – that’s me.

I think an important part of anyone’s JOURNEY is realizing the truth and the photo above, that my daughter shared with me today (taken just a few days before starting my 1940’s experiment) was a startling realization of the bare naked truth.

I have accepted it, and now I’m doing something about it. That is my journey…