Week 6 weigh in – my pants are falling down!

Start weight: 315 lbs (22 st 7 lb)

Last weeks weight: 296 lbs (21st 2 lb)

This weeks weight: 293 lbs (20st 13 lb)

Week 6 weight loss: 3lbs

TOTAL weight loss to date: 22lb (1 st 8 lb)

This week my pants (trousers) are seriously loose. So loose infact that I worry if I forget to hike them up on every sixth step that an embarrassing incident may well occur..

I have lots of smaller pants (trousers) in my cupboard but I am about another 20 lb away from fitting into those- this means I have to spend more money and buy more pants..

Normally I’d be annoyed at this but this time I don’t mind one little bit!

C xxx

4 thoughts on “Week 6 weigh in – my pants are falling down!

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  2. i know it feels great to buy new clothes but what about popping in a stitch here and there to keep your trousers, in short it saves money and i know you are rationing on food but to keep with the rationing thing, clothes were also rationed as far as im aware xxx

    Keep it up you are doing great !!!!!
    Kelly, somerset UK

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