Week 2- Couch to 5k

Recording yourself when you jog is quite frankly rather scary but absolutely necessary to see what needs sorting out to prevent injury and improve your running style.

With us larger women who are trying to reduce our weight and tone up, there is a lot of extra flab to contain. In my case its the three B’s

Belly, bum and boobs!

I THOUGHT I was wearing a supportive bra but its quite obvious that one of those rather ugly, mega-harness, big ladies bazooka holders HAS to make its way into my life ASAP.

Aside from these concerns the “couch to 5k” training is going well. I’m on week 2 and hanging on in there. I even was comfortably jogging at 4.5 to 5.0 mph today in 90 second bursts (listening to my trainer on my free podcast). Having not jogged in 23 years until 2 weeks ago, I’m pretty pleased with that.

Exercise- I have to face it. If I want to lose the weight and keep it off, it will have to become part of my life for evermore…

C xxxxx

Pirates, treasure and week 2 of couch to 5 k

Molly and Me

Twas a busy weekend indeed…

Was manning the visitor’s centre during the “Oak Island Mystery Tours” as well as going out with the mobile amplifier for the tour on Sunday. The two hour walk around the island, on Sunday, was simply awesome. It’s always great fun to do with a big crowd and listen to our tour guide, Charles sharing the island’s history as well as the theories that surround the world’s longest treasure hunt..

Alas, the Mahone Bay Pirate Festival was on too but I still managed to enjoy meeting up with my friends Molly Pinchbottom and Iron Dick Flint and taking part in one of the Pirate Parade’s through town, on Saturday morning before heading off to Oak Island.

During Saturday afternoon, while the 2pm tour was out, I got speaking to a fellow director, Cate. I found out that we had a few things in common. Cate is a vegetarian, I am a vegan… we both didn’t eat meat and it was interesting to hear her story and talk about alternative yummy foods. In addition I found out that Cate is a runner. She jogs regularly. I pumped her for more information…When did she start? How did she build up her stamina? How far can she run? Outside or treadmill? Footwear?

“I’m taking part in my first race soon”… she shared with me

“Oh- that’s weird. So am I! I’m on the “couch to 5 k” program and want to be able to run 5k (without stopping) in under 45 minutes by the end of the program… where are you going to race?”

“Wolfville- the Harvest Valley Marathon, I’m going to race the 5k” she replied

And of course we then talked and talked as this was the event I’d really wanted to take part in too, if life wasn’t going to deal me the wrong deck of cards.

Regardless of what life brings, I’ve set my goal to do a 5k run. Pushing yourself to do something you feel isn’t possible helps you grow in confidence and makes you stronger. That’s my theory anyway!

Tomorrow is weigh in!

C xxx