Week 2- Couch to 5k

Recording yourself when you jog is quite frankly rather scary but absolutely necessary to see what needs sorting out to prevent injury and improve your running style.

With us larger women who are trying to reduce our weight and tone up, there is a lot of extra flab to contain. In my case its the three B’s

Belly, bum and boobs!

I THOUGHT I was wearing a supportive bra but its quite obvious that one of those rather ugly, mega-harness, big ladies bazooka holders HAS to make its way into my life ASAP.

Aside from these concerns the “couch to 5k” training is going well. I’m on week 2 and hanging on in there. I even was comfortably jogging at 4.5 to 5.0 mph today in 90 second bursts (listening to my trainer on my free podcast). Having not jogged in 23 years until 2 weeks ago, I’m pretty pleased with that.

Exercise- I have to face it. If I want to lose the weight and keep it off, it will have to become part of my life for evermore…

C xxxxx

4 thoughts on “Week 2- Couch to 5k

  1. I’m a pretty big fan of the Enell sports bra, though they aren’t often available in stores. Search them out online & see if there’s someone carrying them.


    • I will check that out!!! I went to buy a Sports Bra from a store but none of them go up big enough (I was looking for 44 E )- I guess I may have to buy online. Instead I got a very firm support bra with a big back brace thing on it and thats OK C xxxx


  2. C,
    As a large lady who managed to earn my black belt in Kempo karate at about your current weight I can recommend the Enell bras, expensive I know but as bounce free as any I have seen. Congratulations on all you have done, having torn my quad off my knee and unable to have it repaired I am in need of support as I degin again to try to looose ay 100 plus pounds and escape the back pain that now haunts my walking and standing.


    • I looked them up last night and they look perfect actually!! Now I gotta find $66!!! I WILL get one though… looks like they will do the job and stop those puppies slapping me in the face 🙂 Thanks for the heads up. I hope it all works out for you too- pain is not a nice thing to live with and it can be such hard work and quite depressing…. C xxxx


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