Vegan substitutes in the 1940s Experiment

For anyone who has been following my blog, you are probably aware by now that I turned vegan, nearly a year ago. It was a personal choice for me and after the initial struggles with adapting to my new diet and incorporating dietary veganism into the 1940s Experiment and vice-versa, I’m loving the conversion. It personally has really helped me keep my food addiction under control and has made me learn quite a lot about nutrition.

Some months, instead of extra rations of split peas or lentils to replace my cheese and meat rations, I’ll use a modern day meatless  or dairy free substitute. I’ve felt this is essential, mainly because it allows me to still re-create the majority of the recipes I come across.

Currently I use almond or hemp milk instead of cows milk, no eggs- but many of the WW2 recipes I come across are egg free, dairy free cheese such as Daiya, minced ground beef substitute and a recent discovery called TEMPEH (I am buying the slices that are a bacon substitute). The meat and dairy alternatives I buy are mostly organic and GMO free and economically, only a little more expensive than their regular counter-parts. Rationing certainly instills a sense of frugality tempered with a joy of good healthy food..

So most days, for lunch, I normally have a large fresh organic salad with some nutritious kidney beans or sometimes a potato. Today I used two rashers of tempeh heated and chopped up over the top (almost half my weekly bacon ration).

It was delicious and nutritious..

For more information on tempeh, click through here to my other blog “Frugal and Greenish”..

One thought on “Vegan substitutes in the 1940s Experiment

  1. I’m curious as to how tempeh tastes compared to bacon 🙂

    Sorry I’ve not been about postingwise but I read your blog every post! Think you’re doing amazing and love reading your blog.

    K xx

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