1940s Cosplay

Secretly I have a yearning to one day, get completely glammed up in a wonderfully feminine 1940s dress, outrageous hair style, blood red lipstick and huge heels and potter around the house, vamping it up while doing stuff like making a cup of tea…

Once I get to 199 lbs I’ll do it… I may just be able to get away with it then if I find a corset industrial enough. If I did it now, people would have to wring their knickers out (and not in a good way), following uncontrollable guffawing seeing an obese version of Betty Paige’s mother gesticulating before them…. the imagery is not good..

But OH- I do so want to cosplay 1940s… I really, really do….

At my size it would be safer, and more becoming, to perhaps wear something a little more homely….. I am thinking initially a wrap around 1940s style pinny, some sensible heels, some loosely curled and pinned hair and a BBC voice to pretend I am a young Marguerite Patten, instructing the masses on how to create nourishing food from their ration book allowances..

It’s nice to escape into a fantasy world once in a while.

Strangely mine is austerity and cabbage…..

C xxxxxx