1940s Cosplay

Secretly I have a yearning to one day, get completely glammed up in a wonderfully feminine 1940s dress, outrageous hair style, blood red lipstick and huge heels and potter around the house, vamping it up while doing stuff like making a cup of tea…

Once I get to 199 lbs I’ll do it… I may just be able to get away with it then if I find a corset industrial enough. If I did it now, people would have to wring their knickers out (and not in a good way), following uncontrollable guffawing seeing an obese version of Betty Paige’s mother gesticulating before them…. the imagery is not good..

But OH- I do so want to cosplay 1940s… I really, really do….

At my size it would be safer, and more becoming, to perhaps wear something a little more homely….. I am thinking initially a wrap around 1940s style pinny, some sensible heels, some loosely curled and pinned hair and a BBC voice to pretend I am a young Marguerite Patten, instructing the masses on how to create nourishing food from their ration book allowances..

It’s nice to escape into a fantasy world once in a while.

Strangely mine is austerity and cabbage…..

C xxxxxx


8 thoughts on “1940s Cosplay

  1. Hey, Caroline!

    I have that book, and it is a really good reference and learning guide. Another great place to learn how to do ’40’s hair is on youtube…..try Lisa Freemont Pages……she is excellent at demonstrating. You definitely should NOT wait until you lose more weight to have fun with the ’40’s………you look like you have perfect hair for the ’40’s, so get busy and try some of the styles…….I bet you’d look great!

    I’m really glad you’re back on the 1940’s Experiment. As a 1940’s fanatic, and a larger woman trying to eat healthier and lose weight, I get great encouragement from your successes and your struggles. Your successes tell me it is possible, and your struggles tell me to keep going. Thanks for the time you take to blog……..it really is appreciated!

    Don’t forget to post the pic, when you do your hair!


    • Hi Cynthia!! I can’t wait to start trying out some styles… I have a very chubby face and I get self concious about it but as it slims down a little I will certainly be trying many styles out and the make-up…..it will be so much fun!

      I am easing back into the 1940s…. it is never easy being surrounded by food that is off ration (in some respects it would have been way easier to do this if I lived in the 1940s as there wasn’t much opportunity for temptation!!)… all I know is that when I stick to rationing the weight comes off for me- ALWAYS!

      This time I am also trying to replace many of my foods for organic or locally grown….

      I think one of the good things about the rationing is simply using basic wholesome foods and pretty much having a diet almost free of highly processed foods

      Thanks again for your lovely comment xxxxxxx

      C xxxxx

  2. I can totally see you with the hairstyle on the cover! Whatever else may have been the reality of the 1940s, I don’t think anyone can deny that the style was fabulous!

    • OMG that hairstyle is the craziest ever and I can’t wait to give it a go (when my chubby cheeks diminish somewhat!!) Thanks Beti!

      Cx xx

  3. Hi Carolyn, I just found your blog yesterday and have read pretty much the whole thing – LOVE it!
    I am a 1940’s fiend too and have before now gone out with my hair in victory rolls (plus jeans and ugg boots. Anachronism ftw!) – I really want to learn more about the styles they wore their hair in back then. And hats! Oh, people were so much more put together then, don’t you think?
    Also love your ration book diet – you have inspired me to give it a go (though I may tweak it a little. A limit on tea? Yikes.) Thanks for writing such a fun and engaging (and inspiring!) blog – hope you have a great start to the week 🙂 xx

    • Hey Rachel! Thanks and I need to see piccys of you in your clothes and hairstyle!! That is one thing I haven’t done much of yet, getting dressed up 1940s style but as the weight comes off I simply cannot weight to start experimenting and have some fun!!! xxxxxx C

  4. Awesomeness Im going to try some hair! Oooh and about weight loss- the key is muscle. Muscle is the fountain of youth!

    • Hi Jenn- I’d love to see a picture when you do!! Some of the hairstyles are crazy in their awesomeness!! I must try some more soon! xxxx

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