100 wartime homefront recipes re-created

I am still working hard to fulfill my promise to everyone and that is to re-create, photograph and share 100 authentic wartime recipes with you..

So far the count is nearing 50… NEARLY half way there!

I love re-creating historical recipes… I guess my biggest wish would be able to stage the photos so they all were presented on authentic 1940s crockery and set in a 1940s kitchen…. how amazing would that be!

Please take a moment to check all my recipes out… it’s truly amazing to step back in time and share the food our ancestors ate..


Thank you

C xxx

3 thoughts on “100 wartime homefront recipes re-created

  1. I’m loving your blog and you are doing so well on this diet! You’ve inspired me to take a “war time ration challenge” throughout the month of October this year. I will be raising money for a charity and probably using some of your delicious looking recipes too! I’m spending this time before then researching and planning for October! I’m so looking forward to it! Thanks for the inspiration

    • Hi Georgina! Please let me know more about it nearer the time and I can share your wartime ration challenge with everyone and lets see if we can raise a few extra pennies for your charity… it all helps and would LOVE to follow how you get on!

      C xxxx

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