I bought my 1940s apron material


So I have the stuff…. (furtively looking around)

I’m gonna use it…..(looking doubly furtively around)

Now I’ve got to learn to thread my sewing machine.

C xxx

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Pattern for 1940’s Wrap Around Apron.


I don’t know what it is but recently I have had a penchant for Norah Batty style wrap-around 1940s aprons. I strangely want to galavant around my kitchen looking like a dinner lady from my childhood and fling batter up the walls and make big trays of food that would probably have people running in the opposite direction shrieking “Oh no, not more cabbage…”. I think it is some sort of mid-life crisis that has deviated in completely the opposite direction.


I’ve been spending quite some time looking on the internet to see if anyone sells BIG SIZES in this apron style for my budget which is £15 or less. Even if I was wealthy, out of principle I wouldn’t pay more. I’ve been unable to find one big enough and cheap enough…

BUT I’ve found a pattern online which goes up to a 46″ bust which maybe, just maybe, after a week or two of copious amounts of 1940s vegetable stews, I might be able to squeeze into.


The temptation has been too great. Even though I can’t sew I will teach myself. Richard bought me a book on sewing for my birthday…one of those books with lots of pictures and step by step instructions ideal for beginners like me AND I did buy myself a sewing machine several months ago and recently bought a table for it off GUMTREE for £10. I have no excuse to get stuck right in…

So I’ve bought the paper pattern for £6.99 and the next day off I have once the pattern arrives from eBay, I’ll make a start.

Here is the link to the pattern on eBay if you are interested!


PS Thanks who all who joined in the discussion on wrap around aprons on Facebook the other day!

Looking for a vintage style Norah Batty type wrap around pinny in a size 22/24. Been looking online for one that is £15…

Posted by 1940sExperiment on Saturday, 16 January 2016


PPS: On an apron theme, I woke up at 3am last night and watched these two videos about making a simple apron from a tea towel and thought they were FAB!