I bought my 1940s apron material


So I have the stuff…. (furtively looking around)

I’m gonna use it…..(looking doubly furtively around)

Now I’ve got to learn to thread my sewing machine.

C xxx

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9 thoughts on “I bought my 1940s apron material

  1. Ohhhh progress, how exciting! Good luck, can’t wait to see it all made up! Best of luck!
    Caterina (Nonny Nonny)

  2. Thank you all!! I have all the pieces cut out ready and this morning I just have to do some chores then learn how to set up the sewing machine and practice on some scraps and then hopefully make an apron this afternoon!!! Fingers crossed!!! C xxx

  3. Once threaded, a quick easy tip so you only need to do it once. When threading a new colour, cut the end near the bobbin and tie the new colour thread to it. Pull the old colour from the needle and the new thread will follow. You will need to cut the thread before the needle as the knot won’t go through the eye.
    Good luck and have fun. If want any advice let us know via FB Wendy is doing some sewing jobs herself today

    • Ran out of time yesterday but hope today will be the day- at the very least I’ll get the machine set up and start practising on scraps. I will keep all the little bits….ooooo a quilt!!! What a good idea!! xxx C

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