Wartime food diary – 7 days


I had Anna ask me on Facebook today if I could post a few days worth of what I would typically eat when I am having a good week and sticking to my wartime rationing eating plan.

A while back I did a 7 day food diary with blips and all so thought incase you missed it I’d re-post the links to each day below. During that week I lost 5lbs too which was a bonus!

I always rely on quite a lot of quantity in my daily eating, I LOVE my veggies and lots of them so do eat a lot of large salads and stews BUT I have to say that a big meat pie (in my case a meat substitute like Quorn mince) with mashed potatoes, veggies and gravy is one of my favourite dishes.

The total cost of all my weeks food (not including electric and cups of tea) was under £15 but that was not really having any desserts as I don’t often eat those, maybe just once a week!

Food Diary Day 1 – click here
Food Diary Day 2 – click here
Food Diary Day 3 – click here
Food Diary Day 4 – click here
Food Diary Day 5 – click here
Food Diary Day 6 – click here
Food Diary Day 7 – click here



3 thoughts on “Wartime food diary – 7 days

  1. I need this as well! So thank you from me too :D, Oh and have you seen that Quorn have started a Vegan range, only a couple of things on it so far but it is a start!

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