Contemplating life on a rainy Friday afternoon.

It was a chilly and rainy Friday afternoon when I finished work. The house was very quiet which suited me well and this enabled me to sit and contemplate life. I had no plans for what I wanted to talk about in this video but sometimes once you start it’s hard to stop.

I share with you some old photos and some recent videos of Nutty our garden squirrel, Ghost our garden fox and our clan of Badgers.

Much love, C xxxx

7 thoughts on “Contemplating life on a rainy Friday afternoon.

  1. Look what you’ve achieved. You should be so proud! I wish I had your commitment, your determination to keep at it. I’ve always put on more weight after every successful weight loss session so I’m afraid to try again, but your success inspires me. Thank you

    • Dear Luffy, that is so kind, thank you for your support. It is so difficult to keep going, it seems like it is never-ending especially if after losing lots it goes back on again. I really don’t want to have to ever pick myself back up again so hoping I have the strength to keep persevering. Hugs to you, C xxxxx

      • I don’t think that people who haven’t experienced this have any idea how tough this is. Stay strong – we’re cheering you on x

      • You DO have the strength… and always have done.

        Use this Christmas to have a breather and take stock of the success of 2023, and then use that to springboard into 2024.

        Every marathon runner gets to the halfway point, and feels a bit knackered and wobbly. But they push on through it, and finish the race. You will too. Or you’ll have everyone here to answer to… 😉

  2. It is lovely to see you, Carolyn, like a visit which cheers me up for the day.

    It is chilly here in Staffordshire, -1°C first thing when the chickens were let out. I have a thick, wool chair throw to wear as a stole for reading in bed, and even a woolly hat. I have two very old pairs of thick cotton socks to turn into fingerless gloves with a bit of crochet today. I shall unravel thread from the bits I cut off them.

    My project for the cold weather is SOUP. I have my wartime recipe books, and Marguerite Patten’s Basic Basics, Soup, to work through. I used 2 ration points on a bag of soup mix, pulses and grains, from Waitrose, and another 4 on split red lentils at Sainsbury’s from their overseas ingredients aisle. I had not realised that ration points could be used at any grocers.

    I shall store a few of the pumpkins which are plentiful this month.
    I have some marmite left to add flavour and Vitamin B to WW2 vegetarian and vegan soup recipes. Have you seen a copy of Fay. K Henderson’s, Vegan Recipes, published in 1946? I am looking for a copy of Soups, Sauces, Salads And Vegetable Dishes, 1945 by the GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE.

    Keep warm and keep well. There is a nasty virus going round. I was so pleased to win four real linen CC41 utility mark hankies recently. I could spare you a couple if you would like them?

    Love from Nelliegrace

    • I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the Soup Mix that all the supermarkets sell. They’re about 50% pearl barley (the cheapest ingredient naturally), with green and yellow slit peas and red lentils making up the other half of the mix. It’s a bit too much barley I feel. About a quarter (25%) is about right in soups and stews. Beyond that, it tends to thicken a bit too much I think.

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