5 months on WW2 rations, June weigh-in

Dear all, the last few months have been incredibly difficult BUT I’ve continued sticking to WW2 rationing.

My weight is now at 259 lbs (18 st 5 lbs) and my starting weight on January 8th of this year was over 299 lbs (21 st 4 lbs). Although I am still very overweight, this weight loss has already had a huge impact on my life. I now can walk to and from work without any pain in my back and my general joint aches and pain, while still there, are much improved from what they once were.

Simple wholefoods, very little refined sugar and lots of vegetables are without a doubt, boosting my health and well-being and at the end of June I will be doing a 6 month blood test to check my cholesterol and protein levels in my blood as well as several other levels for liver, kidneys, iron, Vit B12 etc. My hope is that my cholesterol levels will continue dropping (they were high at the beginning) and that my other levels will continue to remain in the good or optimum range.

Thank you so much for all your support during these difficult times. Earlier this week I was able to say good-bye to a much loved family member at her funeral. She will never be forgotten.

Much love,

C xxxxxxxx

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  1. Carolyn I’m so pleased for you. You have got your sparkle back! So pleased you can now go walking, nature always uplifts us doesn’t it. Enjoy.💕

  2. Great job! Stay the course 🙂. I did the same when I lost weight a few years ago. I need to go back to it. You are inspiring 🙂

  3. Hello Carolyn

    Congratulations on your progress, well done.

    I admire your determination too, keeping to 1940s rations.

    Love your dandelion clock top – it might be too big but it looks great.

    Keep it up.


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  4. Carolyn you’re doing amazing! And you look so well. Wishing you all the very best Rebecca x

  5. Dear Carolyn,
    Well done on your very healthy eating with WW2 rations.
    You were right all along, it is good food in the right proportions to keep you well fed.

    Like you, my bloods are fine on the rations, and my BMI has just got under 26, but that was due in part to Covid which DH brought home. I hope we are among the last to catch it and it will all be over soon.

    The experts are beginning to condemn the highly processed junk which is often lacking in protein, and full of highly addictive stuff. The NHS Diet sheet is still a load of rubbish, pushed by the food and pharmaceutical industry.

    We have bought budget dark chocolate for our 2oz a week ration, but I am changing it to the least expensive proper dark chocolate, like the British companies used to make, with no soya lecithin or glucose fructose syrup, even if we have to have a bit less.

    We have kept to our budget, cooking from scratch, in spite of the price rises. All the shops put the price of a bag of basic porridge up by 14p recently, which seems like profiteering! It helps that the hens are laying well, and DH manages the breadmaker.

    I am pleased to hear that your pain has eased and you are enjoying walking. It is lovely to get out. We are holidaying at home and went to enjoy the roses in the park with our flask and picnic.
    Look after yourself,
    Love, Nelliegrace.

  6. You are such an amazing inspiration and a truly lovely soul – so very happy for you and your hard work!
    It’s berry season here in my area of the land across the pond, so the rations will be more interesting… nothing like fresh blueberries and cherries!

  7. Congratulations you are a trooper!
    It is difficult to stick to a diet when you are battling emotional pain..
    And it is good that you are losing weight slowly, I know people wish the weight would melt off, but it is not healthy and can leave skin hanging..
    I noticed how great your skin looks after weight loss, it is still firm..

    • Thank you Mary Ann… I expect to have lots of loose skin eventually as I’ll have lost over 150 lbs but am honestly not bothered, just to get healthier and more able to do things will be such a blessing, I will feel so grateful xxxxx Thank you so much for all your kind words xx C

  8. Congratulations! You are doing so well and keeping at it! That is an accomplishment.

    I do have to ask – I recently discovered Bird’s Custard (living in America) and found that it is wonderful. I was curious at the time, and now am reminded: Was it available during the war/rationing? Thank you & congrats again!

    • Yes Maria, it was available here during the war. I think I’m right in saying it was one of the numerous products available through the points system, assuming your grocer could get any of course.

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