New weight-loss channel on YouTube

Hi there,

I’ve decided to keep most of my weight-loss struggles off my regular 1940s Experiment YouTube Channel as I will be focusing on creating some WW2 recipe videos this year. I need to be more focused on what I do, I just find that quite difficult at times as life is so full and exciting!

I’ve set up a new YouTube channel for anything to do with middle-aged weight-loss struggles, menopause and health and you can see a couple of examples here. Please feel free to SUBSCRIBE if anything like this interests you.

This week below I share a very embarrassing flirting experience and briefly talk about loss of sex-drive during menopause. Maybe that is why I am so happy being single right now. Anyway, it would be good to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Much love, C xxxx

4 thoughts on “New weight-loss channel on YouTube

  1. I love it Carolyn, you are always so honest about your weight. I do think this will help people who have the same challenge, so thank you. x

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