A Story of Wartime England

This just popped up on SAGE LILLEYMANS YouTube channel, a fascinating interview with Beryl (Granny) about life during WW2 including rationing in Coventry, England.

Absolutely fascinating and what a wonderfully articulate woman. More from Granny please!

C xxxx

6 thoughts on “A Story of Wartime England

  1. I loved how that, “Just get on with it,” attitude could be seen as she remembered back to that time. Thank you so much for pointing out that video, Carolyn!

    • It was great as she was 13 in 1939 so would remember much of what was going on and how it impacted emotionally on young people. She went to work at 14, I think people had to grow up very quickly during these times. xxx

  2. Thanks for the heads up Carolyn… I’ve just watched it. What a great interview, straight to the point. A lovely lady. X

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