January 3rd, 2021

My third awesome day in a row.

A short 30 minute morning walk through ‘Queen’s Park’ to say hello to the squirrels and see the next generation of swans getting older. They have grown so fast…

Today is rather gray. Yesterday was cold with brilliant sunshine, and of course, as you know if you read my update below, we had a little snow which reminded me of my 9 years in Canada. The difference with winter snow in the South of England is that unless you are at elevation, if we get any snow it tends to stop at 1/2 inch. In Canada of course, there were times when I wondered if it would ever stop snowing and every winter we could expect a few severe storms which would deposit a couple of feet of snow.

Maybe the snow was the catalyst to get me out of the front door again. Whatever it was I’m so glad I did as it has done me the world of good and I’m already feeling happier.

I’ve decided to do Veganuary for the first time ever. A bit of a back story that may or may not interest you but about 9 years ago I decided to give veganism a try. It had a very positive impact on my health for a while as I mostly ate wholefoods, plant-based so processed foods were minimal. Moving back to the UK, it became easier for me to occasionally allow dairy and egg back into my life and I’ve been vegetarian now for several years but I’ve always hankered to return to what feels better for me, in my heart. So in January I’m am making an effort to return to my roots by converting back over step by step.

Yesterday I made an amazing vegan chilli, I took a few snaps with my phone and shared them on my Instagram with the recipe. Whether you eat meat or not, this is REALLY tasty and very high in protein and fibre and slow release carbs. If you click on the photos below you can see the details clearer. The only thing I omitted to say was that I also added a low salt veggie stock cube and some extra hot water.

I’m still aiming to have the Pandemic Pantry cook book out this weekend, I’ll keep you updated.

Have a lovely Sunday,

C xxxxxxx

9 thoughts on “January 3rd, 2021

  1. Carolyn, your posts are simply the greatest. It’s pouring rain here (Maryland). I opened my email. There was a lovely comment, gorgeous pictures from the park and a delicious sounding recipe. Thank you so much and keep on posting. You have brightened my day.

  2. Thanks Carolyn…..the swans certainly have a ‘pecking order’ 😆. Going to cook the chilli you posted for supper….looks lovely.


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  3. It’s a dark dreary day here, but we did manage a long walk on the beach with the dogs before heading back home to hunker down in front of the tele watching old films.

  4. Hi again from Canada, Carolyn!
    Congrats on going back to vegan again. It really is the best. If you have time, try looking up Dr. Michael Greger and Brenda Davis, R.D. on you tube. They are great vegan advocates with tons of healthy recipes.
    Some time back, I wrote out a spell when I went back to being vegan. Really, Spells are just like prayers. It’s just that we say them in rhyme 😉

    Fat and poundage banished be

    Because I want a fitter me

    Blood filled veins flow free and clear

    Cholesterol’s not welcome here

    Veggies, beans and wild rice

    Cleanse my bowels once, twice, thrice.

    Bedtime at a decent hour

    all of this is in my power

    A healthy witch I want to be

    It’s in my hands, So Mote it Be!

    Stay Strong!
    BB, Memy

    • Oooo yes I do have one of his books ‘How Not to Die’ xxx I will check out Brenda Davis, I haven’t heard her name before xxxx

      I love your spell, i always think it’s good to visualise positive things, how you want to improve in your health etc. xxxx

    • It was the best veg chilli I’ve had, I must make some more. The downside has been huge amounts of wind, so bad I had to sleep with the window open the other night!!! xxx

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